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Hero Wars Dungeon Guide

How to clear 1000 dungeon levels a day against strong titans teams? (February 2024)


  • Buy valkyrie’s favor to get x5 faster combat
  • Have plenty of time to do it
  • All your Earth, Fire and Water titans are at or near their maximum
  • Send your stronger heroes team, at least a power of 700 000
  • Play Hero Wars Dominion Era with your favorite Web browser
  • No need to use any Dark or Light titan
  • This method is based on healing ability of Water titans

Main rules

0) Never use [Accept this fate!] button against a 5 titans team because the proposal is always bad for you. Use instead to fight on your own
1) Use [F5] function key to refresh game web page before you fail a titan attack or before the end of attack when you don’t get the expected result
2) Which titan to heal first?
2.1) The top priority is to keep alive Sigurd. Sigurd is the keystone of this method, the most important titan to keep alive and near 100% of his maximum as often as possible. Sigurd is the first titan to heal
2.2) Keep alive all other Water titans because they allow healing of themselves, Fire and Earth titans
2.3) Keep alive Avalon: use Avalon first instead of Angus. Avalon can attack 3 or 4 times before dying or before being healed
2.4) Keep alive Moloch: use Vulcan first instead of Moloch. Vulcan can attack only once. He needs healing before his second attack. Moloch can attack twice before needing heal. Heal Moloch before he reaches 30% or less of his life
2.5) I always attack with auto mode, heroes or titans teams
3) At high dungeon level, heal your titans one by one. Don’t be greedy 🙂

Dungeon titan pattern attacks

Every 10 dungeon levels, levels #1, #3, #4, #6 and #9 are made of heroes.
Consider these levels as already won: just send your heroes team with auto mode.

Important note:

At level #7, when you have to choose don’t attack the Earth opponant team.
Because you don’t attack Earth team at level #7, you won’t face Earth opponent anymore in this series of 10 levels!
And with time and series of 10 levels
If you choose to attack Earth team at level #7 you may have to face Earth team twice or more in the end of this series.
So you will need to have Vulcan and Moloch in good health. It’s better to attack with Avalon instead of Vulcan and Moloch

How to attack titans teams at high level in the dungeon?

1) When facing a 4 Water team:
1.1) As much as possible don’t use 4 Earth titans at the same time. Prefer to send only 3 Earth titans
1.2) Send Sylva + Eden + Avalon if Avalon has attack left (read above to figure it out)
1.3) Send Sylva + Eden + Angus otherwise
1.4) If both Avalon and Angus are weak (less than 20% of life) send 4 Earth titans, and pray for the rest of your attacks 🙂
1.5) The Ultimate try when Sylva and Eden are at max life and Avalon and Angus are weak is to send only Sylva and Eden, but they must be at their max life and max possible power

2) You have to choose 4 Earth or 4 Fire titans team
Always choose to face Fire titans team and send 4 Water team.
This rule is important for level #7, of course.

3) When you have to face a 5 titans team without any super titan (no Angus, Hyperion or Moloch):
It’s the best opportunity to heal one of your heroes!
The only difficulty here is to choose which one to heal first when you have many of them to heal.
Just consider these facts to make your choice :
3.1) Always heal weak Water titans first
3.2) This kind of opponant is the best opportunity to heal Angus
3.3) When water titans have all full life then remind full life Avalon can attack 3 or 4 times when Vulcan only once
3.4) To make a good choice in this situation, take in consideration the current state of life of Avalon, Angus, Vulcan and Moloch.
And think about how to be able to face either a Water team or an Earth one next fight, after your choice and healing went good.
For example:
3.4.1) if Avalon, Angus and Vulcan are weak but Moloch is ok, just heal Avalon or Angus
3.4.2) if they are all weak, heal first Avalon or Angus because, if you follow the important note above, probability to meet a 4 Water team is higher than a 4 Earth one
3.4.3) Of course, if Eden is by far the weakest Earth titan choose to heal him
3.4.4) With experience define and refine your own rules, update them when necessary

4) When you have to face a 5 titans team with only one super titan: Eden
We can think 5 titans are opportunities to heal one of our weak titans: it’s not always true, especially in this case or when facing 2 super titans!
4.1) Here, you can try to heal Avalon, Vulcan or Moloch, rarely Angus
4.2) Or you can also consider just getting through this level and send 4 Water + Eden or 3 Water + Araji and Moloch if they are all full life.
When facing this pattern, don’t hesitate to use [F5] to do many tries and get the best result with different attack teams

5) When you have to choose between a 4 titans Water team or a 5 one without super titan take the 5 titans team if:
5.1) You need to heal one titan
5.2) You are cleaning the first levels of current day and didn’t get 300 titanites yet
If you already got 300 titanites and don’t have any titan to heal choose here to attack the 4 Water team

6) When you have to attack a 4 Earth titans team
Just send 3 Fire titans:
6.1) Ignis + Araji + 100% life Vulcan
6.2) Ignis + Araji + Moloch otherwise

Two extreme cases to deal with

1) How to heal weak Sigurd?
It’s a question of time and patience.
If you want to have a chance to do more attacks in the dungeon prefer to loose Moloch and Angus than Sigurd.
Never loose Sigurd!
To heal Sigurd you have to keep him out of fight until you are facing a 4 fire team then try to heal him at this occasion.
First, try with 4 Water titans and if it doesn’t succeed try again with only 3 titans by removing Mairi or Nova.

2) How to attack without Sigurd, when he is dead?
Ok, you fall asleep in front of your screen, lost Sigurd and want to clean more dungeon levels?
The only way to do that is to use Brustar or Rigel. You can do it but it won’t last more than about 100 levels.