Role Tank

Who could’ve imagined that Rufus, that merry drunkard, would become one of the revered Guardians? He made a bet with Rakashi the demon, put his soul at stake, and chose a reliable method to win, by drinking his opponent down! Rufus won the bet, and the demon, confined within his shield, became his faithful friend and protector.

Hero Wars Rufus Skills

Rakashi's Barrier

Rufus covers the team with a shield which absorbs all magic damage.

Shield capacity: 339,786 (110% Magic attack + 2,000 * Level) damage

Rakashi's Mockery

Strikes the enemy with the greatest magic power, dealing damage over time.

Damage: 48,513 (40% Magic attack + 150 * Level) for 4 seconds

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Devourer of Magic

Part of the damage absorbed by Rakashi’s Barrier is converted into the hero’s health.

Health recovered: 65 (0.5 * Level + 10)% of damage absorbed by the shield

Rakashi's Oath

Rufus can now only be killed with physical damage. If the last attack against the hero dealt magic damage or pure damage, they resurrect with a portion of health restored.

Recovered health: 502,665 (500% Magic attack + 1,500 * Level + 5,000)

Hero Wars Rufus Skins

Rufus Pet Patronage

Hero Wars Rufus Glyphs

Hero Wars Rufus's Story

The heat was unbearable. Rufus opened swollen eyes and recalled falling into a waste pit on the way back from a drunken party. The stench surrounding him was stunning, to put it lightly. He scratched a bloated belly and turned over on the other side. An hour passed by. Rufus turned back. Some more time passed. Sleep did not come. Rufus fished a half-empty bottle from beneath the couch and polished it off in a feat of surprising dexterity. The sun hung high in the sky, and even the quick birds Rufus so loved to watch hopped away to find some shade.

“Boring,” Rufus thought while fishing out a second bottle. “Maybe I should go have a bite?”

He liked the thought. He stood up, pulled shabby trousers back in place, and went off to find food. Not too far, in the next room. The tipsy master of the house found a surprisingly precise and aesthetically pleasing spread laid out on the table. Rufus opened yet another bottle and proceeded with dinner, unaware he was no longer alone.

“Good morning,” a voice came like a whispering wind. “Perhaps you would consider relinquishing your soul to me? The pay’s nice, and it’s not like you need it anyway. Pleased to meet you, the name’s Rakashi.”

The demon slowly showed his agile body from behind the cupboard, his sly, narrow eyes staring at the pudgy man. Struck by surprise, Rufus dropped the fork from his hand and grabbed a bottle with the other, not unlike a man overboard snatching at a life preserver.

“You, waitta… what’re you?” – Rufus shook his beard, now drenched in sweat.

“I am the only one in this world who thinks your soul has any worth. So, I think you had better take me offer quick as you can!”

“Yeah, I probably should.” There was a thought in Rufus’ head trying to be heard, but the alcohol made it hard to hear it clearly. “But only on one condition.”

“Very well, I’ll pen it down, good sir.” The demon made a playful, sly grimace while scribbling on an imaginary sheet of parchment with his finger.

“You win a drinkin’ contest with me, you get the soul,” Rufus quietly articulated. “You fail, you keep bein’ my drinking buddy for all’a time ever! And be usin’ your talents for me!”

Rakashi nearly chortled as he hopped on his feet in glee. No wonder, it’s not every day a target did all the work for him! Rufus went to the basement to gather supplies, and the contest began. By nightfall, Rufus was still among the living, working on bringing the arrogant demon back to his senses. Rakashi looked around the room with bleary eyes, fighting down wave after wave of nausea. Rufus’ smiling, pudgy face certainly didn’t help the matter in any way.

“I mean, I just had an idea,” came the winner’s happy trail of thoughts, “how ’bout you go inhabit that shield over there, since you an’ I are buds now?”

Rufus dragged the ancient ancestral sheet of metal to the half-dead demon and sat down, waiting. Unable to resist in his unfortunate state, Rakashi glumly crawled inside the shield. And he stayed there all through to the afternoon, baffled at what had happened. Still, that grim mood disappeared that very evening, gone in the merry vapors, witty jokes, and hilarious stories at Lame Pogue’s tavern.

It turned out Rufus was an excellent conversationalist, and the demon had never had friends before. And since that day, the two have been thick as thieves. It was Rakashi of all people (and demons) who had the idea to join the Guardians. Not something you’d expect from the likes of him, would you? Nobody knows why: maybe all the drinks got to his head, maybe what happened made him see himself in a new light. All that matters is, the man and the demon sided with the Light.

Curious, isn’t it?