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Unable to accept her father’s death, Morrigan frantically searched for an opportunity to bring him back to life. The angels warned her the price would be extremely high, but she was willing to pay it. Now that Corvus has been resurrected by dark magic, nothing will drive this family apart ever again.

Hero Wars Morrigan Skills

Army of Graven

Morrigan summons 3 Undead skeletons to her side to fight in the front row. She can control up to 6 skeletons at any given time.

Skeleton health: 174,337 (130% Magic attack + 190 * Level)

Skeleton attack damage: 37,782 (30% Magic attack + 25 * Level)

Bone Armor

Morrigan temporarily boosts the defense of Undead allies, increasing their armor and magic defense as well as healing them.

Armor and magic defense bonus: 24,971 (20% Magic attack + 15 * Level)

Healing: 70,553 (50% Magic attack + 100 * Level)

Duration: 10 seconds

Cooldown: 16 seconds


Morrigan heals an Undead ally if their health drops below 20%. Can be triggered once every 8 seconds for each ally.

Healing: 135,350 (95% Magic attack + 200 * Level + 4,000)

Cooldown: 1 second


Increases damage dealt by allied skeletons. Whenever an enemy dies, Morrigan summons their skeleton, even if they attempt to resurrect.

Damage bonus: 21,416 (15% Magic attack + 30 * Level + 1,450)

Chance to summon a skeleton from a fallen enemy is lowered if the target’s level is above 130

Hero Wars Morrigan Skins

Morrigan Pet Patronage

Hero Wars Morrigan Glyphs

Hero Wars Morrigan Story

They say the legends of the past are meant to teach and warn the generations to come. Let me tell you my favorite story.

Once upon a time in a faraway land ruled the great King Corvus. Mighty, wise, and kind, he was the true patriarch of his nation and a loving father to his only daughter, Princess Morrigan. The father’s duty is to protect the family. When the Kingdom was struck by a dreadful enemy, Corvus could not let himself hide behind the castle walls. He faced evil in the decisive battle, fighting side-by-side with his mightiest warriors. His army was victorious, but the price… was horrible.

The father had raised his daughter well. Morrigan, too, was ready to sacrifice everything for the family. Heartbroken, she locked herself away in the royal library, hoping to find a way to deal with the death itself. The candle flame was her only light. She scrutinized ancient tomes, one after another. She believed that the answer was close. She only had to dare break the old rules.

Days passed. Then months… Years… Until… one day. Legend has it that the pain had driven her mad. They say Morrigan never left the library up until the very end, trying to open the gate to the realm of the dead. But… to no avail. Do you know why this story is my favorite? Because it is far from over!

King Corvus is yet to take back his throne.