Role Warrior

How does it feel to kill a parent who wanted to sacrifice their own child to evil gods? Ishmael experienced this first-hand. Defeating his father wasn’t easy: the sorcerer’s dark soul remained with his son. Since then Ishmael has been leading a double life, fighting the inner demon.

Hero Wars Ishmael Skills


Assumes a demonic form that increases critical hit chance by 1,300 (10 * Level) and attack speed by 150 (150)%. Ishmael starts to gradually lose energy, when it reaches 0, the demonic form dissipates.


Dodges physical attacks for 3 seconds.

  • Chance to dodge lowered if the target’s level is higher than 130
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds

Dark Craft

Passive skill. Increases vampirism.

  • Vampirism: 65 (0.5 * Level + 10)%

Storm Blades

Every 4th hit stuns the opponent for 1 second.

  • Chance to stun is lowered if the target’s level is above 130

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Hero Wars Ishmael Story

Oasis Adjallahr has always been a crown jewel of the Oriental Sands. Spangled with graceful spires piercing into bright blue sky, this place has attracted many traders, people of art and science. But it became truly famous because of the great magician Farrukh. Tales of his miracles circulated in Dominion from edge to edge. Noble looks, an aquiline nose and magician’s prudence were admired by everyone.

But most people were touched by the boundless love of the great magician to his son Ishmael. That fatherly care which is so rare in our times, was indeed incredible: the descendant had the best education available, great food and luxurious clothes. Still Ishmael was brought up to be a humble, well-mannered and a very clever boy. His magic skills which were developed by the lessons of his father promised to be as good as those of Farrukh, or even mightier!

Years passed, and one day, joyfully dressed Ishmael left the house as an adult. He was sixteen years old that day! The boy received a note from his father with congratulations and a request to come to the Crimson Hall. Happy Ishmael ran to the venue expecting an unusual gift for him coming of age. The nominal dagger he got for his previous birthday was sitting tightly in a leather sheath. Finally he opened the doors to the Hall to which it was forbidden for him to enter earlier, and stepped inside.

The great magician looked unusually solemn. His voice, gestures and facial expressions seemed too pompous to Ishmael. Farrukh invited the boy to sit down on a stone throne in the center of the dark room and turned to the wall to open an old casket. “I wonder what my father has as a surprise for me” – thought Ismael, looking at the raw edges of the throne, – “It will probably be the best gift of my whole life!”

And suddenly, as if someone had forced him to, he looked at his father, when he had already raised a long and sharp sacrificial blade over his son’s head. “Why, father?” – Ishmael shouted.

“You are my most significant sacrifice. Dark Gods will appreciate my gift and reward me with infinite power! Why do you think I spent all my time on you? I will ascend above the world and become the greatest magician!”

With these words, Farrukh plunged a dagger in the place where his son was sitting a moment ago. Ishmael, meanwhile, was already behind the wizard’s back. The enchanter quickly turned and was ready for the second strike. But when he looked into the eyes of his son, he didn’t see fear but an incredible desire to live. And even a moment later, lying in a pool of his own blood, his father didn’t understand the mistake he made.

Ishmael was much more talented than what Farrukh thought, and could inflict a fatal blow to the traitor before he got it himself. But the victory over his own father wasn’t easy – the evil magician’s soul has remained with the young man ever since. Ishmael has been living a double life, struggling with his inner evil. His dark side gives him power, but always tries to possess Ishmael’s mind. However, his own soul, wounded by betrayal, tries to find the right way in spite of inner demons.

Ishmael & Vulcan

Many people try to avoid Ishmael as a malicious spirit of the sorcerer lives inside him possessing the soul of his own son. The eternal inner struggle and the fear of losing control over himself made Ishmael an outcast among the Guardians. Everything changed when Titans decided to restore an alliance with people in the fight against the forces of Darkness.

Vulcan whose heart burns with an everlasting flame understands him like no other. After all, if the flame goes out of control, it will destroy everything for miles around. That’s why the Titan doesn’t rest and keeps himself together. Now Ishmael and Vulcan are the best friends who help each other when battling enemies in the depths of the Dungeon!

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