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Chabba loves every kind of food in the world, but especially Haan-style cutlets! Chabba has thick, impenetrable skin, which means nobody can stop him on his quest for tasty treats!

Hero Wars Chabba Skills

Wild Hunger

Wild Hunger

Swallows the current target for 6 seconds. While the target is swallowed, it slowly receives damage.

  • Deals 89,081 (150% Physical attack + 80 * Level) pure damage per 6 seconds
  • Hits: 6


Green: Burp

Damages nearby enemies, slowing them down for 4 seconds.

Fat Layer

Blue: Fat Layer

Increases armor proportionally to missing health.

  • Losing health, Chabba gains up to 6,545 (10% Physical attack + 10 * Level + 200) armor

Bottomless Belly

Bottomless Belly

Now Chabba restores health by digesting the swallowed enemy.

  • Transforms 110 (1 * Level + 20)% of damage dealt into health

Chabba Skins

Chabba Pet Patronages

Hero Wars Chabba Glyphs

Hero Wars Chabba Story

The volcano region is very beautiful! Lava flows solidifying in the sunset rays and geysers’ steam coming on the surface create an amazing scenery. But there’s absolutely nothing here to eat! Don’t believe those who say that lava dragons don’t need food – Chabba is a living example of it.

A real gourmet, he values a nice dinner and a good night’s sleep the most. But several years ago sleep was his main and only delight. The volcanic wastelands had no yummies, and nothing troubled this future glutton. He just laid on the hot side of volcano spitting stones into the sky from time to time.

One morning he woke up smelling something unusual. His nostrils were catching air intensely, and his mouth with dozens of sharp fangs was drooling. Chabba jumped from his stone bed and rushed to find the source of this magnificent smell.

After a few hours it brought him to a small village. In one of the huts a young woman was cooking a stew. Beautiful! The stew, it is. Fascinated with the smell of the food Chabba clumsily moved forward and dropped some cutlery from the table scaring the hostess.

The dragon was slowly walking forward, while she was backing away from him, pale as a ghost. She didn’t know that Chabba wasn’t going to hurt her. Suddenly, something sparkled outside, then there was a loud noise and smoke started coming from the street.

Turned out orcs from Hardan’s plateau attacked the village trying to enslave the people of it. But Chabba wasn’t OK with that. What was there to think about? These vile monsters came to steal his soup! He stretched his arms and legs, and moved after orcs.

Oh, what happened then! The green guys were literally torn in shreds! All in all, several minutes after, the soup was saved. The villagers didn’t know what to think about it all.

And only the young cook guessed what the monster wanted – she got the pot off the fire and presented the savior with it. Since that time Chabba protects the village, and grateful inhabitants treat him with all kinds of yummy meals!

You ask what Chabba’s business with Guardians is all about? He travels a lot, you know, and it provides him with opportunity to taste cuisines from all the corners of the Dominion. Draw your own conclusions!

Hero Wars Chabba Battles

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