You are currently viewing Hero Wars Isaac vs ODH team

Hero Wars Isaac vs ODH team

Hero Wars Isaac vs ODH team

In our previous videos were hero wars Isaac and Dorian kills twins team and mage team we received question about ODH team ( Aurora Sebastian Orion Dorian Helios)

In the video you will watch 2 battles one of them is Isaac Dorian and other video included also Sebastian. Little explenation about this battle Isaac & Dorian dont have 100% win rate vs ODH team.

Aurora and Orion stun skills prevent and slow down Isaac of killing the team. Compared with other mage team when we face only hero wars Aurora we use hero wars Mara pet in battle to charm Aurora and stop her to stun hero wars Isaac. In case of ODH there are 2 heroes with stun ability Aurora and Orion. In this case Mara pet can not charm back line. This force us to use Sebastian in battle. With includen Sebastian in Isaac team chances are higher to win the battle. Isaac team is hero wars ODH counter

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