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Hero Wars Basic Team | Basics of Building a Team

This guide will help players to understand building a Hero Wars basic team.

Basic team composition is: Tank, damage dealer, and 3 support heroes.

A tank’s purpose in battle is to protect heroes from damage dealers. Tanks are always in the front line and their first artifact is armor or magic defense.

For the main damage dealer we choose from Marksmen and Warriors when building a physical team.

How you choose the 3 support heroes is very important. Generally, the selection of support heroes depends on the defending team.

Tanks :

Aurora, Astaroth, Cleaver, Rufus, Lilith, Andvari (who is not officially a tank), Galahad, Corvus , Ziri, Luther and Chabba

Tanks based on their first artifact:

Dodge : Aurora

Armor : Astaroth, Cleaver, Rufus, Andvari, Corvus, Luther, Ziri, Chabba

Magic Defense : Lilith   

Physical Attack : Galahad


Tanks who protect teams from physical attack are all the tanks with an armor artifact, and Aurora with her dodge artifact.

Tanks who protect teams from magic attack are Aurora, Rufus, Luther, Lilith (based on her first artifact), and Ziri. Note that Ziri’s first skill increases armor and magic defense for herself but not the rest of the team, Luther’s 4th skill adds magic defense to the whole team, Aurora’s 4th skill absorbs 85% of magic damage, and Rufus’ first skill shield absorbs 326k magic damage.

For full offense with a physical team you can use Galahad with his physical attack first artifact.

Hopefully it is now clearer how to choose a tank for your battles.

Team Building | Hero Wars Basic Team

When we build a team we first choose a main damage dealer. Then we choose a tank, and then support.  A basic team should consist of: Tank, damage dealer, support, support, support.

When we build a physical team we can support the damage dealer with: Armor penetration, Healing, Critical Hit, and Physical Attack. The same logic applies when building a magic team, except for critical hit. Magic team support is: Magic penetration, Healing, and Magic Attack.

Armor Penetration | Hero Wars Basic team

First support should be armor penetration or magic penetration. Defensive teams are composed with 2 armor artifact tanks, and a support hero with armor or magic defense. Example: Astaroth and Martha. Both hero’s first artifact gives 32k armor. If they are activated at the same time that means 32k+32k which equals 64k armor.

We will use Khark as our damage dealer to explain why you should use a first support with armor penetration or magic penetration. A fully developed Khark has 34600 armor penetration on his own, and when you add Fenris’s pet patronage armor penetration it goes to 44557. This amount of armor penetration is not enough to deal full damage to opponents who are protected with 64k armor.

Armor Values

Here are some examples of armor values and how much damage is reduced:
500 armor reduces damage by 14%
1000 by 25%
2000 by 40%
4000 by 57%
8000 by 72%
12000 by 80%

Heroes With Armor Penetration Artifact

When we add a first support with armor penetration, for example Isaac, Elmir, Fox, Morrigan, Qing Mao or Tristan, their first artifact gives 32k armor penetration. In our case with Khark, 44557+32000 equals 76557 armor penetration. In this case Khark does almost full damage to the opponent team.

The same applies to bulding a magic team, with magic defense and magic penetration. Magic penetration heroes : Faceless , Lars, Orion, Arachne and Mojo.

Note that pure damage attackers don’t need magic penetration

Second Support

After we choose a first support with armor penetration we choose a second support who provides: critical hit, Physical attack, Armor, or Healing or a combination of any of them.

Critical hit

Heroes that provide a team with Critical Hit chance are :

Sebastian, and Jet

Some heroes already have a first artifact that provides critical hit, like Yasmine and Ishmael. In this case the second support can be different, like physical attack.

Our first choice for the second support hero is Sebastian because of his debuff abilities. With this a team is less vulnerable to control heroes.

Third support

Final support depends if you are in offense or defense. In offense you can choose not to add armor because in offense the main goal is to deal more damage. In defense you want to keep your team protected

Jet as the last support hero can add more critical hit to a team as well as healing.

Martha can heal a team and add armor with her first artifact.

Dorian brings healing and a physical attack first artifact.

Hero Wars Team Analyse | Hero Wars Basic Team

Now we will analyze two teams to see how they are built up:

First team: Corvus, Dante, Isaac, Sebastian, Martha.

  1. Corvus’s first artifact is Armor.
  2. Dante is the Damage Dealer.
  3. Isaac’s first artifact is Armor Penetration.
  4. Sebastian supports with Critical Hit Chance.
  5. Martha heals the team and adds Armor.

So we have: Tank, Damage Dealer, Armor Penetration, Critical Hit and Armor. With Martha this team is defensive but if we swap Martha with Dorian we keep some healing and swap the defensive armor first artifact for the offensive physical attack.

The second team we’ll analyze is a standard Twins team: Aurora, Krista, Celeste, Sebastian, Lars.

  1. Aurora protects the team with dodge.
  2. Krista is a damage dealer with a first artifact that gives magic attack.
  3. Celeste heals with a magic attack first artifact.
  4. Sebastian in this case is used to debuff negative effects.
  5. Lars is a damage dealer with a magic penetration first artifact.

So the team combination based on artifacts is: dodge, magic attack, magic attack and magic penetration.

As the purpose of this video is to explain the basics of creating a team we didn’t delve into the hero’s skills and their combination. We hope that watching this video will make the team composition in our guides a little easier for players to understand

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