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Hero Wars Pet Stats Decoded

Heroes of Dominion, assemble! Your trusty guide, Zeus, is back with a mission: to decipher the mysteries of pet stats, particularly those puzzling terms “Armor Penetration” and “Magic Penetration.” Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, don’t worry – even the mightiest heroes need a helping hand!

Think of your pet as more than just a cute companion; they’re a strategic partner with unique stats that impact their battlefield performance. But unlike heroes, pets have two distinct categories:

Patronage Stats: Imagine these as your pet’s loving gift. They directly boost your hero’s power, making them stronger, faster, and more lethal. Check these out in the “Patronage” tab – it’s like your pet sharing their strength to make you a formidable duo!

Pet Stats: Dive into the “Stats” tab to discover your pet’s individual prowess. Here you’ll find three key stats:

  • Patronage Power: This fuels your pet’s gift, making their buffs for your hero even bigger and better.
  • Skill Power: This amps up the damage of your pet’s individual skills.
  • Armor/Magic Penetration: These are the stars of the show today! We’ll get to them in a moment.

Now, every pet has unique skills that deal damage to enemies. But here’s the twist: their raw damage might not be earth-shattering. That’s why we often use pets for their powerful “violet skills” bestowed upon our heroes and their special abilities. For example, Cain boosts dodge, Oliver heals, and Axel distribute damage.

So, which pets benefit most from Armor/Magic Penetration? Buckle up, adventurers!

Damage Dealers: If your pet’s first skill packs a punch (Fenris, Merlin, Mara, Cain, Biscuit, Khorus, Vex), Armor/Magic Penetration is their secret weapon! Imagine an enemy with thick armor like a knight’s shield. Armor Penetration lets your pet’s attack pierce through, dealing full damage! For magic-wielding foes, Magic Penetration helps their spells bypass magical barriers.

Pure Damage Masters: Albus is a special case. His attacks bypass all defenses, so don’t worry about  his Armor Penetration. He’s a raw power machine!

Support Squad: Oliver and Axel focus on healing and utility, not direct damage. Their strengths lie in keeping your team alive. Penetration isn’t their priority.

Remember, stats are just one piece of the puzzle. Consider how your pet’s skills work with Penetration.

As we delve deeper into the world of pet stats, let’s put those elusive Armor/Magic Penetration numbers to the test with a real-life example! We’ll witness Merlin, our resident magical maestro, unleash his “Magnus Magica” attack against two very different opponents: Dante and Lian.

Imagine Dante, a warrior with low magic defense, like a knight clad in flimsy armor. Now picture Lian, a formidable foe with high magic defense, resembling a heavily fortified castle. Can Merlin’s magic penetrate these defenses?

Merlin’s Magic Penetration stands at a respectable 48k, representing the strength of his spell to break through defenses. On the other hand, Dante’s Magic Defense is very low, offering minimal protection. The result? Merlin’s magic bypasses Dante’s defenses like a hot knife through butter, dealing a whopping 435k damage – his full potential of 62k!

Merlin’s Magic Penetration remains at 48k, but the tables have turned. Lian’s Magic Defense is a staggering 58k, like thick castle walls. Merlin’s magic now struggles to penetrate, dealing only 14k damage – a significant drop from Dante.

These battles showcase the power of Armor/Magic Penetration, but remember, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. While high Penetration allows your pet to bypass defenses and deal maximum damage (like Merlin against Dante), it’s crucial to match the stat to the foe. Against foes like Lian, whose defenses exceed Merlin’s Penetration, the impact is diminished.

But stats are just one piece of the puzzle. Consider your pet’s skills as well! Some, like Merlin, have additional effects that synergize with Penetration. For instance, his “Magnus Magica” also creates a magical distortion zone for 5 seconds. Enemies in the distortion zone take extra magic damage.

By understanding these concepts and their interplay, you can choose the right pet, utilize their skills strategically, and unleash their full potential in every battle. Remember, Heroes, a well-equipped and strategically chosen pet can be the difference between victory and defeat. So, go forth, experiment, and conquer with the power of pet knowledge and smart stat utilization!

In conclusion, understanding the intricacies of pet stats, particularly Armor and Magic Penetration, is crucial for maximizing your team’s effectiveness on the battlefield. These stats serve as the key to breaking through enemy defenses and unleashing devastating attacks, ensuring your pets and heroes work in perfect harmony to secure victory.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the realm of Dominion, taking the time to analyze your pets’ stats and skills can make all the difference in your battles. By selecting the right pets and strategically utilizing their abilities, you can tip the scales in your favor and emerge triumphant in even the most challenging encounters.

So, to all the legendary heroes of Dominion, may your adventures be filled with courage, strategy, and boundless success. Stay vigilant, hone your skills, and may your battles echo through eternity!