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Hero Wars Dante | Hero Wars Guide

Today we are going to discuss Hero Wars Dante. After a bit of rework, Dante Hero Wars is one of the best heroes in Hero Wars Gameplay. He is a top tier hero and should be added to your roster. We’ll start this hero wars guide by checking Dante’s skills and first artifact. Then we will break down the best combinations using Dante and what to avoid. The first skill we’ll cover is, Instrument of Fate, Dante’s white skill. With this skill, Dante throws 4 spectral spears at multiple enemies, dealing physical damage and pushing the targets back. The damage is calculated as 220% physical attack, plus 100 times Dante’s level. Remember, patronage can increase this number. In our case, we have damage. Again, these stats are if Dante is maxed out and has Cain for patronage.

Instrument Of Fate, is the strongest skill that Dante possesses. It does an incredible amount of damage. Additionally, pushing opposing heroes back has it’s benefits. It will group all opposing heroes together. With them all grouped together, they are open to attack from all heroes. The only downside is when the opponent uses a hero like Dorian. His violet skill, Initiation, increases vampirism of nearby allies. This means all of them will benefit from this skill when pushed together. This can be avoided by using a hero, such as Jorgen. Jorgen can reduce the chance of his violet skill from building up.

To be most effective, Dante needs armor penetration, critical hit chance and increased physical damage. For armor penetration, you can add Elmir, Fox, Isaac, Morrigan or Qing Mao. For a critical hit bonus, you can use Ishmael, Jhu, Sebastian or Yasmine. And lastly, for an increase of physical attack, you can use Arachne, Artemis, Daredevil, Dark Star, Dorian, Galahad, Ginger, K’arkh, Keira or Nebula. Next we’ll look at Dante’s green skill, Foresight. This skill will increase all allies dodge by 5 seconds. This is calculated by multiplying 18 percent physical attack, plus 3, times Dante’s level. For the battle we’ve included, the dodge bonus will be . Again, this is if Dante is maxed out and has Cain for patronage. The green skill combined with the first artifact skill, Spear of Fate, increases dodge by for 9 seconds. This applies to all allies and will keep them protected from physical attacks. Next is the blue skill, Retribution. With this skill, when dodging damage over 5% of total health, Dante conjures a spectral spear and throws it at the nearest enemy. With Dante being maxed and having Cain as patronage, this equates to 80,200 damage to enemies. Lastly is Dante’s violet skill, Shackles of Weakness. When a spectral spear from Instrument of Fate or Retribution hits an enemy, Dante decreases the target’s main stat by 5 seconds. This skill makes opponent heroes more vulnerable. You’ll see a drop in the health of heroes that are attacked by Dante Hero Wars . As an added bonus, this skill has perfect synergy with Corvus’s skills. Hero Wars best team Moving on to our favorite subject, combinations. Olympus defines the best combination as any group of heroes that can kill or defend the most widely used teams in the game.

The first combination we will analyze, is Dante, Corvus, Isaac, Sebastian and Martha. Many consider this a META team and it all centers around the synergy between Hero Wars Corvus and Dante. Corvus’s white skill, Strike of the Damned, decreases all opponent defenses, which include, armor and dodge. This, coupled with Dante’s violet skill, Shackles of Weakness, make for quite the dynamic duo. As we mentioned before, for Dante to be successful, he needs armor penetration and critical hit chance. This is where Isaac and Sebastian come into the picture. Isaac will provide plenty of armor penetration with his weapon artifact, Lil’ Tes’Lin. He will also assist the team with mages, by absorbing magic damage with his green skill, MP-300 Capacitor. Sebastian, provides critical hit chance with his blue skill, Striking Solo, and his weapon artifact, Old Lute. Additionally, Sebastian’s white skill, Ode to Serenity, removes all debuffs and conjures a shield that prevents them from being applied. Lastly, we’ll use Martha to speed up the team with her white skill, Foremother’s Oath. She’ll also keep the team in good stead with her blue skill, Tea Party, and her violet skill, Healing Brew. Here are some modifications that can be applied, based on your opponents team structure. If, for instance, your target is primarily made up of physical heroes, you can replace Isaac with Morrigan whose weapon artifact, Raven’s Skull, will provide armor penetration. Her white skill, Army of Graven, will prove to be a nuisance, as she summons 3 undead skeletons that become targets for the physical teams to contend with. She also has a natural synergy with Corvus and increases his white skill, Strike of the Damned, by 10%. In return, Corvus will increase Morrigans physical attack and magic attack, with his green skill, Unity of the Damned.  If you find yourself up against a strong mage team, replace Martha with Dorian.  Dorian will add more physical attacks with his artifact team buff and his white skill, Fountain of Blood, which will heal any ally who attacks the blood mark he casts.  This will prove to be fruitful as Dante attacks often and will benefit from this skill.

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