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Hero Wars Isaac Guide

Hello heroes of Dominion, here is Zeus again with another hero to analyze. Today’s guide is about Isaac. Isaac is the most powerful hero in the game against mage heroes. Isaac is an over-powered hero. Everyone should develop this hero, Isaac is must have hero. I repeat, Isaac is must have hero.

We will start this guide by checking Isaac’s skills and first artifact:

White skill: Tes’Lin’s Overdrive

Each attack charges Tes’Lin up by 10%. When the Charge reaches 100%, Isaac can activate her first ability: Tes’Lin emits an electromagnetic impulse, silencing all enemies for 4 seconds.

  • Chance to apply debuff is lowered if the target’s level is above 130

We use Mara to patronage Isaac. Mara’s violet skill:

Increases the duration of stun blinding, silence, slow, charm and mind control effects inflicted by master.

Control effect duration increase: 200%  (when Mara is developed to max.)

This means that Tes’Lin’s silence increases from 4 seconds to 12 seconds. When you fight mage teams 12 seconds is enough for Isaac to charge and silence opponents again.

Silence – Stops and prevents all magic-based attacks as well as magic-based passive skills like the basic attacks from Satori and Celeste

Green skill: MP-300 Capacitor

Tes’Lin’s Magic Power Capacitor absorbs a portion of any magic damage taken by Isaac and his allies, transforming it into her Charge. The amount of Charge Tes’Lin gains is 4 times the energy allies would have received for taking that damage.

  • Absorbed magic damage from Isaac: 52.903 (0.012% Health + 0.05 * Level + 10)%
  • Absorbed magic damage from allies: 15.401 (0.003% Health + 0.01 * Level + 5)%

The green skill combined with Axel as the main pet in battle makes Isaac go crazy. How does Axel help Isaac? Axel distributes damage between all heroes which means Isaac absorbs the magic damage going to all heroes as well as the damage coming to him from Axel’s distribution and transforms it into charge.

Even if mage heroes don’t attack Isaac when Axel is in the battle Isaac gets boosted more than if Axel is not in the battle.

Blue skill: Drone Swarm

If Tes’Lin’s Overdrive is activated more than once during a battle, he also spawns Drones on all subsequent activations. The Drones boost Physical attack of allies for 8 seconds. The efficiency of the boost efficiency is doubled for allied Engineers.

  • Physical attack bonus: 10,060 (12% Physical attack + 10 * Level + 110)

Violet skill: High-Voltage Module

If Tes’Lin’s Overdrive is activated more than twice during a battle, a high-voltage module is triggered on all subsequent activations, damaging all enemies.

  • Damage: 87,638 (110% Physical attack + 50 * Level + 2,010)

Isaac in combination with other heroes can be used in 2 different ways.

  • Isaac as support hero
  • Isaac as main damage dealer

Isaac can be used  as a support hero. Isaac supports physical damage dealers and silences the opponent team. Isaac is effective if the opponent team contains at least 2 mages, and is most effective when all 5 heroes are mages as Isaac’s gains energy from magic attack. As a support hero Issac supports Marksmen and Warriors with the armor penetration from his first artifact Tes’lin, and his silence ability.

Marksmen and Warriors that you can support with Isaac:

Marksmen: Jhu, Artemis, Dante, Astrid and Lucas, Dark Star, Keira, Ginger, Daredevil

Warriors: Yasmine, K’hark, Ishmael

We’ve excluded 4 Marksman and Warrior heroes from combination with Isaac, these are : Qing Mao, Elmir, Fox and Tristan

All 4 mentioned heroes have armor penetration as their first artifact – As we mentioned before, Isaac’s first artifact gives armor penetration. Because armor cannot be reduced below 0 we believe that there’s no need for 2 heroes with an armor penetration first artifact. One hero with an armor penetration artifact is enough in any battle.

Most popular Isaac combinations:

Astaroth K’hark Isaac Sebastian Martha

Aurora K’hark Celeste Isaac Sebastian

Corvus Dante Isaac Sebastian Martha

Aurora Dante Celeste Isaac Sebastian

Aurora Yasmine Celeste Isaac Sebastian

In all combinations Isaac supports the physical damage dealer with his armor penetration artifact.

Isaac can be used as a main damage dealer. If the opposing team has more than 3 mage heroes then Isaac can be used as the main damage dealer because he charges up fast enough to kill the entire team.

When we build a team around Isaac the primary goal is to support him. There are 2 type of teams that can be combined for Isaac effectiveness


Astaroth, Isaac, Nebula, Sebastian, Martha,

Astaroth, Isaac, Nebula, Sebastian, Dorian

This team is used in case the opponent team has a physical attack in their composition.

We use Astaroth to keep Isaac safe.

Nebula increases Isaac’s attack power with her fourth skill Equilibrium, and her first artifact Unborn Stars.

Sebastian gives Isaac critical hit and debuffs negative effects. Examples of negative effects are Aurora’s stun, Orion’s stun, Lars’ stun etc

Martha heal whole team, spped up team with her 4th skill 250% and protect team with her first artifact armor.

Dorian gives Isaac vampirism and supports his attack power with his first artifact Bleeding Steel. Vampire Isaac is very hard to kill with mages as he recovers health with every attack. Dorian should be used if you fight Twins team. Dorian support Isaac with vampirism only if Isaac is in range close to Dorian.

Astaroth is one of the tanks that can be used in this combination, we mention him because of his fourth skill Last Word which resurrects a fallen ally. In this combination can be used with other tanks as well. We don’t recommend using Aurora and Rufus as both have a magic damage absorption shield which reduces the amount of magic damage Isaac takes.

Combination: We use Isaac at the front without a tank. The combination is

Isaac Nebula Sebastian Martha Jet

Isaac Nebula Sebastian Martha Jet

This combination can only be used if the opponent team only has magic heroes and no physical damage dealer. Teams such as ODH or Twins.

We mentioned before how other heroes support Isaac. Lets see how Jet supports Isaac. Jet’s first skill increases Isaac’s physical attack and regenerates his health, Jet’s second skill reduces the enemies armor, his third skill prevents opponents from regenerating health, and his fourth skill gives Isaac critical damage. Jet’s first artifact adds armor to the whole team. Jet is one of the best support heroes.

When shouldn’t you use Isaac? Isaac should not be used when the opposing team has no mage heroes. Isaac’s charge (energy) comes from his attack and absorbed mage attack so Isaac should not be used when the opponent team is composed of pure damage heroes like Heidi, Maya etc

In this section we will give our opinion about the Engineer team. Isaac can be used in combination with Ginger. Isaac supports Ginger with third skill. Ginger supports Isaac with her first artifact Noble Mk.2. There is no clear reason why Isaac and Fox are in same group of engineers when both have the same artifact of armor penetration. Using those 2 heroes in battle won’t contribute to the team much. When we combine heroes we tend to not double the same artifact. Exceptions are for increased physical attack and magic attack on advanced combinations.

Isaac supports Marksmen and Warriors who have built in armor penetration. It is mentioned by the game developers that armor can not go below 0. If we use Marksmen or Warriors in battle and 2 heroes with artifact armor penetration then the armor penetration total may reach more than 80k which is useless because armor can not go under 0.

We believe that in further game development we will see why Isaac and Fox are in the same group of Engineers.

How to counter Isaac?

The best way to counter Isaac is to use a physical team or pure damage team. If you don’t include mage heroes in your team Isaac needs to attack 10 times before he can use his first skill. He gains 10% energy for every attack. If you don’t include mage heroes in your combination Isaac’s performance is not effective.

It is possible to counter Isaac with Mage heroes ?

It is possible to counter Isaac with a mage team with 2 conditions:

Isaac should not have Sebastian as support, and the mage team should contain control heroes.

Control heroes like Arachne and Lian, and mage heroes with stun abilities perform very well against Isaac.

One way of countering Isaac with a mage team includes having Arachne at the front in a tank role. Arachne can keep Isaac stunned all the time.

Another way of countering Isaac with mage heroes needs manual play. You keep the whole team from using their first skills until Sebastian uses his debuffing first skill , then you can hit auto and stun Isaac with Aurora or Orion.

Watch some battles where Isaac is countered by mage heroes:

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