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Hero Wars Heidi Guide

Hero Wars Heidi Guide

Hello Heroes of the Dominion, this is Zeus and today we will be discussing Hero Wars Heidi.

Hero Wars Heidi, though effective in some situations, is not what we consider to be a top tier hero.  But once he has maxed attributes he can become a superstar performer.  Until then we recommend a passive investment approach.

We’ll start this tutorial by looking at Heidi’s skills and first artifact, and then we will look at the best hero combinations using Heidi, and what to avoid.

Lets start with Hero Wars Heidi white skill,  Deathflower. With this skill Heidi summons a huge mushroom at the center of the enemy team which spreads toxic spores, poisoning all enemies in the area of effect for 3 seconds.

The damage delivered is calculated as 55% of Heidi’s magic attack stat plus 70 times Heidi’s level, and is delivered as pure damage. For the sample videos provided this equates to 64,360 pure damage.

Next is Heidi’s green skill, Toxic Spit.  This skill shoots the nearest enemy with a dart, which poisons them.  The pure damage is calculated as 60% magic attack plus 75 times Heidi’s level. In our case this is a pure damage total of 70,034.

Now we’ll look at Hero Wars Heidi blue skill, Snake Charmer.  In this skill Heidi throws a snake at the rival with the lowest health, which bites the rival, dealing pure damage.  With our Heidi this equates to 83,331 which is calculated by taking 70% magic attack and adding 100 times Heidi’s level, plus 2,000. 

The final skill to look at is his violet skill, Spy Camo.  If Heidi isn’t damaged for a few seconds, he receives camouflage that gradually increases his chance of dodging an enemy’s attack. Each time Heidi dodges damage, he gains bonus energy that he would have gained from taking the damage. With this skill Heidi can’t dodge control effects and becomes fully visible after being damaged.  The chance of dodging increases gradually from 20% to 85%.

Let’s move on to Hero Wars Heidi first artifact, Mean Koba.  This artifact will grant a teamwide bonus when he activates his white skill, Deathflower.  Once activated, allies will be endowed with bonus dodge for 9 seconds.  This can be extremely useful, especially in team builds with Nebula as the healer, and we will discuss Nebula a bit later in this tutorial.   

Although Hero Wars Heidi Heidi is a mage hero his attack is delivered as pure damage, which is significant as this means he does not benefit from magic penetration, or from the critical hits provided by Sebastian and Jet.  In the test below, you will see that Heidi’s attack is 18,772 with or without magic penetration from Arachne’s artifact.  This is important to note as it needs to be considered when building your team.  

What’s great about Heidi’s attack being only pure damage is that it will not charge Isaac.  In the following footage you can see that Isaac’s energy bar does not charge which renders Isaac nearly useless.  In our opinion this makes Heidi a great counter to Isaac. 

From testing in The Olympus guild we have come to conclusion that Heidi needs both health support  and magic attack support. And, as mentioned above, Heidi doesn’t need magic penetration due to his attacks being pure damage.  We’ve found that Heidi’s best healing support comes from Dorian Celeste and Martha.

Heidi’s white skill attacks each hero simultaneously over 3 seconds, which means Heidi deals a large amount of damage over a short period of time. Because of this, vampirism works well for Heidi, and this can be provided by Dorian. Both Celeste and Martha are also good healer choices, with Celeste providing both healing and an increase in magic attack.

Healers to use with Heidi 

Dorian Celeste Martha, Maya, Markus Thea

Hero Wars Heidi needs the support of a magic attack artifact. We will discuss numbers below how magic attack artifact affects Heidi attack power. Heroes who can provide a magic attack artifact for Heidi :

Celeste, Lian, Jorgen, Satori, Kai, Krista, Judge

Is is worth noting that Lian’s second skill deals pure damage.

As mentioned earlier, Heidi combines particularly well with Nebula. Nebula increases Heidi’s attack more than a magic attack artifact. The numbers will blow your mind!

To show this let’s start by calculating the numbers for Heidi.

Here is Heidi’s first skill:

White: Deathflower

Summons a huge mushroom at the center of the enemy team which spreads toxic spores, poisoning all enemies in the area of effect.

Poison deals 58 883 (55% Magic attack + 9100) pure damage per 3 seconds

During those 3 seconds 6 attacks are made, 2 every second.

Heidi’s white skill (first skill) without pet patronage or support is 58 883 pure damage to each opposing hero in battle, split into 6 attacks of 9814 damage each per hero.

When we add Albus as Heidi’s patron the first skill attack initially increases to 64360, but in battle Albus’s violet skill increases the pure damage dealt by master by a further 74.998%.

So with Albus Heidi’s attack becomes 64360+48 269 = 112 629, split over 3 seconds into 6 attacks of 18772  per hero.

And when you add in a magic attack artifact the attack becomes: 32 040 + 112629 = 144 669, or 6 x 24 111.

Now lets add the special support from Nebula:

Nebula’s violet skill is:


Now Nebula’s basic attacks will be switched to support mode. With every activation, Nebula increases the physical and Magical Attack of one nearby ally for 5 seconds.

Temporary Physical Attack boost: 96874 (100% Physical attack +14500)

Temporary Magical Attack boost 152 810 (150% Physical attack +29250)

(These stats are for a maxed Nebula with Cain patronage)

Let’s combine this with Heidi’s attack calculation:

When Nebula supports Heidi while he is using his first skill, Deathflower, then the   144 669 attack (with Albus and a magic attack artifact) more then doubles with an increase of 152810

The total attack rises to 298 000 damage to each opposing hero, and if we assume 5 opposing heroes the total damage is almost 1.5 million.

This means that Heidi has the potential to kill almost the entire team with just one use of his first skill, Deathflower

For players who are like to play in manual mode it is an easy task to wait for Nebula’s support before launching Heidi’s Deathflower skill.


How do you build a Heidi team? Let’s start with this:

Tank, + magic attack artifact hero, + nebula, + Heidi, + Healer

Basic combination:

You can use any tank in combination with Heidi with the best choice depends on which heroes you face. Heidi’s violet skill increases dodge so you may need to protect Heidi from damage at the start of a battle before this comes into effect. A way to do this is to use Aurora with Cain to dodge and keep Heidi safe,  but keep in mind that Nebula’s support will not e as effective without Cain’s patronage.

You can use Aurora, Astaroth, Clever, Rufus, Corvus, Luther, Chabba and Ziri as tanks.

And if you fight warriors like Dante or K’hark we suggest using Axel as the main pet in battle

Advanced combinations:

We can suggest 2 types of advanced combination – a pure damage combination and a control combination.

For  the pure damage combination you must use a tank that can attack with pure damage, such as Cleaver or Chabba,  and use Albus or Axel as the main pet in the battle. Albus’s Breath of The Ancient’s attack takes 3 seconds to charge, and the amount of damage it deals depends on how much pure damage the team has dealt in that time, which matches perfectly with Heidi’s attack. If Albus’ skill is launched at the same time as Heidi’s first skill all of Heidi’s damage will boost Albus’s attack, maybe even enough for Albus to instantly kill a hero with 500-600k health.

Lian provides a magic attack artifact as well as doing pure damage. For the fifth hero we suggest using any hero that attacks with pure damage, such as Arachne, Yasmine, Maya, Jhu or Sebastian. This will increase Albus’s attack.

Possible pure damage combinations:

Chabba, Maya, Nebula, Heidi, Dorian, with Albus or Axel as the main pet.

Cleaver, Maya, Nebula, Heidi, Dorian, with Albus or Axel as the main pet.

Corvus, Arachne, Nebula, Heidi, Dorian, with Albus or Axel as the main pet

Corvus, Nebula, Heidi, Lian, Dorian, with Albus or Axel as the main pet

Corvus, Yasmine, Nebula, Heidi, Dorian, with Albus or Axel as the main pet

For the control combination you can use Arachne as a tank to control all battles, but she must be patroned by Mara.

The team may look like this

Arachne, Heidi, Nebula, Dorian, Faceless

Arachne, Heidi, Nebula, Dorian, Jorgen

Arachne, Heidi,  Nebula, Dorian, Lian

Arachne, Heidi, Nebula, Dorian, Isaac

with the right choice depending on which heroes you face.

Mixed teams which perform well are:

Arachne Dante Isaac Heidi Dorian and

Arachne Dante Nebula Heidi Dorian ( in this setup Nebula supports Dante and Heidi)

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